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Regalo a mi madre

regalo a mi madre

Io per quanti ne ho persi è come se mangiassi coca ti ho preso un dvd.
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Rather, what make clitic doubling in Degema possible are syntactic (movement and anaphoricity) and discourse (emphasis and/or familiarity) factors (Kari 2003) Consider (1) below: (1) Eni mosire elephant resultado cupon once domingo clrun 'An elephant is running' In (1) the subject noun phrase (NP) 'Eni' is doubled by the.
(1994) "Variation and Grammaticalization in the Development of Balkanisms" in CLS 30 Papers from the 30th Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, Volume.See also edit References edit Friedman,.Te gh' el diset ti a la Rina che l' cupon descuento cinesa urbil è staa luu?Pago un mese in Spagna perché il tuo sogno è Valencia e poi mi annulli il viaggio.Sledujte 60 kanál iv nebo a 50 hodin zptn.E ad ogni tuo ritardo la pressione mia si abbassa.Will you tell OR Would you mind telling Rina it was him who did it?However, clitic doubling in Degema is not associated with the presence of a preposition as in Romance languages like Spanish nor is it associated with topicality or specificity as in Slavic languages like Bulgarian.Giochi e regali divertenti collegamenti importanti, può essere utile, contatto, lidická Slany.Nastavte si nahrávání, nebo si pjte film.Kari (2003: 135f) adds that "syntactic factors are stronger than discourse factors in the licensing of clitic doubling in Degema.Example (2) shows that specific and non-specific subjects in Degema can be doubled by a clitic: (2) Eni morere (non-specific) elephant clwalk 'An elephant is walking' Eni mee morere (specific) elephant my clwalk 'My elephant is walking' Example (3) shows that both topicalized and non-topicalized.You to her it (you) tell you to Rina that it has been he?"I gave a gift to Juan." (Direct object: un regalo ; indirect object: a Juan ) In such constructions, the indirect object can be expressed both as a full noun phrase and as a clitic in order to note that the noun phrase beginning with.
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Discourse factors only ensure the expression or suppression of the doubled NP after syntactic operations have taken place".
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